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Is It Okay to Wear Your Newborn Baby?

Babywearing has numerous benefits. If you are a new mom or have multiple children learn more about this convenient and safe option.

I remember those first few days as a new mom struggling with only a few hours of sleep. No amount of advice or prenatal classes could have prepared me for the pure exhaustion that comes with the first few months of motherhood. I knew that I still had a house to clean and things to achieve, so I was looking for a convenient way to keep my baby comfortable and, to be honest, quiet. If you are like me and wondering if it's okay to wear your newborn baby, you are in the right place.

Babywearing is Not New

Women from cultures all over the world have been wearing their babies for centuries. Moms have been looking for innovative ways to be hands-free long before the Ring Sling. For example, mothers from places such as Central America traditionally use fabric or shawls to intricately wrap their little ones snuggly in place. While the wrap styles change depending on the support needed, these types of wrapping techniques can provide a carrier for newborns all the way up to toddler size.

There are products designed specifically for baby-wearing. They can take some time to get used to, but by learning wrapping techniques, you can add versatility and longevity to your baby-wearing.

You Can Safely Wear Your Newborn

The most important part of babywearing is ensuring that your baby is safe. Many of the models on the market today require a learning curve. You may need a tutorial and will need to practice multiple times before you are comfortable enough to place your newborn inside. If you want to be safe and secure, it is best to book a babywearing consultation where a professional can walk with you through the process. They will help you and any caregivers your child has to learn how to wrap and wear the baby properly. They will also be a great resource if you ever find yourself confused or frustrated as your child ages and your needs change.

There Are Many Benefits to Babywearing

The option of babywearing is especially helpful with parental bonding. If you choose to wear your newborn, there are numerous benefits that you will both experience right away. Being this physically close to your newborn will allow you to quickly pick up on their subtle cues, such as when they are ready to eat or sleep. Another thing about babywearing is it prevents plagiocephaly or a flattened head. Babywearing can actually be considered a form of tummy time. This vertical option provides similar benefits and keeps babies off their bellies and backs.

Many mothers who struggle emotionally after a c-section have found that baby-wearing can be extremely helpful. Most women are advised not to lift anything heavier than their child for the first few weeks. Babywearing allows you to avoid lifting the car seat or stroller, which can be dangerous while recovering. You can safely wear your baby after a c-section; the important thing is to listen to your body and rest when you need it. It can be completely safe to wear your newborn baby; you and the baby will both be happy you took the time to learn more about this option.

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