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Birthday TRIFECTA!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

My daughter's birthday is almost exactly 3 weeks before my son's - with MY birthday in between. As a planner, it is a bit of heavy lift to get things organized, ordered, and prepared for 3 celebrations! While my little ones are still a little young, they are quickly understanding BIRTHDAY PARTIES! My husband and I had planned to celebrate my son's birthday in Phoenix with family this year. Knowing that with both sets of grandparents present, it would make for a very special birthday for our son. Not wanting to appear as if I spent too much attention on my son's birthday, I quickly decided to host a small outdoor gathering for my daughter. That quickly turned into a new dress for her, custom cupcakes, decorations and a magic show. So now…I am planning TWO birthday parties VERY close together… never mind anything planned for my own birthday -_-. On top of running a business (still in startup mode) and finding adequate rest for myself…. I am now overwhelmed.

Is it horrible to host their birthday parties TOGETHER moving forward? I mean, I would still have whatever themes they individually like, individual cakes, allow them to invite friends, etc. BUT, we will most definitely celebrate in the future on the same time... same!

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