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National Dress Day!!!

I LOVE a good dress! I DON'T love the limited nursing dress options. Sigh. I am certainly no stranger to unzipping the back of a dress and folding the top of my dress over to feed or comfort my child, but, I only do this at home.

I once spent over $50 for a nursing dress only for the dress to be too short, see through and just generally poor quality. What's a mama to do!?

While nursing my daughter, I scoured, Latched Mama, and others. I usually found a few things but was always disappointed with limited prints/fit. Not to mention the fact that I was still carrying my postpartum weight and not wanting to spend a lot of money on clothing I had not planned on wearing long term.

With my son, COVID-19 significantly halted all of our social plans so I literally wore what I wanted and dressed/undressed to whatever level in my own home.

How do you manage your nursing clothing? Do you have nursing dress that you LOVE?? You know, a dress that makes you feel like your pre pregnancy/ mama status? A dress that makes you smile when you wear it? I absolutely do NOT own a nursing dress like this. I am however, looking forward to the next generation of nursing attire to recommend.

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