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Train like an Olympian

I don't know about you but my family is and has always been big fans of the Olympic Games. Maybe it is become my hometown, Colorado Springs, CO is also home to the Olympic Training Center. Athletes from around the world come to Colorado Springs to train because of the high altitude. If you can train and excel with the thin air of Colorado Springs, you can compete ANYWHERE.

Training for giving birth is not unlike training for the Olympics.

1.) You know what you want to accomplish - the end goal is clear

2.) Some preparation, sacrifice, and hard work is required

3.) Some things don't always go as planned

The goal after 10 months of pregnancy is a healthy baby. While there are several factors (environmental, biological, etc.) that play into both the mother and baby's health, we want to empower the mom to be by providing exercise and pelvic floor resources, good nutritional health tips, and ways to manage stress.

Birth plans are a great tool to visualize the desired labor and birthing experience. Unfortunately, just as the pandemic of 2020 derailed some Olympic dreams, actual birth is not always executed as planned.

As Olympians have coaches that help them prepare for both the good and the bad, childbirth educators play a similar role. When labor is not going according to plan and/or a decision needs to be reached, childbirth educators (and doulas) encourage expecting parents to use their B.R.A.I.N.'s.

B - What is the BENEFIT?

R- What are the RISKS?

A - What are the ALTERNATIVES?

I - Follow your INTUITION

N - Doing NOTHING or NOT right now

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of health, Child birth education is:

  • Designed to provide accurate and update information such that families/couples can make informed decisions as it relates to their care

  • Lessons fear and anxiety about childbirth

We also know that women who attended childbirth education class with an expanded, evidence based, curriculum on induction were less likely to be induced AND less likely to have an unplanned C-section.

Before the world becomes engrossed in the upcoming Olympic games, take the time to prepare for your MAGICAL birth by enrolling in a Childbirth Education Course. Investing in a Childbirth Education course helps mom-to-be AND her support partner know what to expect and how mom-to-be needs to be supported during labor. Topics include: nutrition, comfort measures, common tests procedures, birth plans, tips for getting the BREAST start to breastfeeding and so much MORE.

What should you do if you want to sign up!? Head over to

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